Google Adwords Tutorial For Beginners In 2021 (Step by Step FULL Guide)

Google Ads are becoming very popular in 2020 because they are still cheap. In this Google AdWords for beginners tutorial I want to show you exactly how you can run ads online.

This tutorial involved a 4 step process that I use to run online advertising via Google Ads. The steps are listed below both for the video and in detail.

1: 5:05 Starting A Campaign
2: 10:17 Setup Ad Group & Ads
3: 18:35 Understanding keywords
4: 20:00 Advanced Feature & optimization

First of all what is Google AdWords? It’s a platform you use to advertise online either by search or video.

Before you start doing the step you need to create a Google account. Sign up and get yourself a google account then head over to and click “Start Now” in the top left.

Step Number 1: Starting A Campaign
The first step to starting you adverts is to create a Google Ads campaign. To do this you first want to go to your Google dashboard once you have signed in. Once on the dashboard click “All Campaigns” on the top left then click “Campaigns”. This will now take you to a screen where you can choose to add a new campaign. You can do this by clicking the little blue plus button.

Once you have done that you will have some options to choose what type of campaign you want to start. In this Google AdWords tutorial for beginners we are going to choose a custom campaign with no goal in mind. Once you have done that you will then choose a Google search campaign. Make sure you also Uncheck “Include Google search partners” and “Include Google Display Network”.

You will need to select the locations you would like your ads to show up in. You can do this by including or excluding specific locations inside Google Ads. Inside the campaign section you will also choose your daily budget and what you are willing to spend per click. Set your CPC to the highest you are willing to pay. This doesn’t mean you will pay that CPC it’s just the maximum. To finish off creating the campaign in Google watch the rest of the section in this tutorial.

Step Number 2: Setup Ad Group & Ads
The next step if you start editing your Ad Group. This is easy to do and all you do is put the keywords in that you want to target, we will focus on more advanced Google keyword steps soon.

Google has 3 types of keywords you can put in and those are Broad match, Phrase match, and Exact match. if you are a beginner to Google advertising I would recommend going with exact match. This means when someone types you Keyword into the Google search console your ad will only show you that keyword.

This is what the specific keyword types mean
Broad match: A person can type in anything they want and your ad will still show up. This match type lets Google create synonyms for you.
Phrase match: Regardless if there are words before or after the keyword phrase, your ad will show up.
Exact match: Your ad will only be displayed if a person types in the exact words.

After putting in the keywords you will then go to the Ad section. In this section you create the advert, this is what shows in Google. You can add headlines and descriptions to your Google ads. You can also split test different Ad creatives.

Step Number 3: Understanding keywords
if you are looking to do some keyword research then you can use the Google Keyword Planner. Click “tools and settings” then click “keyword Planner” this will take you to a section where you can do keyword research fro your adverts. This is important because you can check the low and high range CPC of the keyword. You want to use the right keywords when you are a beginner all you might pay too much for your ads.

Step Number 4: Advanced Feature & optimization
Once you have your Google account setup and you have ads that have passed review then it’s time to start optimizing. I like to first optimize by going to the Google recommendation, this will take a week or so to start working. Then you can add negative keywords so you don’t waste ad spend on keyword you don’t want to target.

Another way to optimize you Google Ads is to check the time schedule. You can see when you ads were costing you the most and optimize to turn ads off at those times. if you really want to make money online with google ads then it’s a good idea to optimize.

2021 is going to be a great year for advertising because more people are using the internet. This google AdWords tutorial was created so you can get ready and start running advertising for you online business in 2021

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