How Much I Made at Every Job I’ve Had – 7 Different Careers

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In this video, I expose my previous jobs and tell you guys exactly how much money I made in 7 different career positions. How much money do YouTubers make? How much money do game developers make? Well, here it is!

Would love to hear if you guys dig this type of money/ lifestyle video. I really enjoyed making this one! We took a look at my $15/hour to $40/hour. After working all these jobs, I know which one is my favourite, and it’s the one where I get to be my own boss… YOUTUBE! Thanks to all of you, I get to do this as my full-time job ~ Forever grateful!

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People often ask, Adam, how much do you make as a youtuber? And I am always truthful with my answer. And after that I even love to talk about how much I made compared to that at previous jobs. Ever wondered how much video game developers make? Or how much YouTubers make? Or how much retail workers make compared to both of those? – Well then this is the video for you. I talked about how much you make as a youbter, how much you make in retail, how much video game developers make, how much do painters make, how much do artists make, how much do influencers make, how much hosts or servers make in a restaurant, and finally how much contractors make.I hope this information is helpful for those out there on the search for career advice as not only did I talk about how much I made but I also talked about what the jobs were like and my overall enjoyment level doing them!

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Finding your path: (0:00)
Different industries and different pay: (0:21)
Job 1: (0:49)
My reenactment of the job: (1:18)
Job 2: (1:24)
Job 3: (2:02)
My $35k Investment (2:28)
The Positives and Negatives: (3:08)
Job 4: (3:52)
How I made so much: (4:26)
They made me quit…: (4:58)
Job 5: (5:11)
Why this job is by far the best: (5:56)
Job 6: (6:57)
Benefits of working at a nice place: (7:28)
I’m never going back: (7:46)
Job 7: (8:12)
Charging hundreds an hour: (8:46)
The most money but the worst job: (9:04)
Our results: (9:29)

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